No Tyler, it's not "just to despise"
It's "just to spite"
Falling down that hill was funny
Do it again, do it again
Eat eat eat, all you ever do is eat
You're not thinner than me, retard
Hey nice house, nice pool, nice keg
The cops are here, though, too bad about that
Hey where'd the whore go?
Out in the woods
With the few, the proud, the scared
The Marine
"Whose truck is that?"
Mine, officer
"Have you had anything to drink?"
No not me, officer
That's not my thing, it'll kill my brain cells
"You could've had a nice party, it's a nice house"
I know I said that earlier
Wrath won't beat Goldberg, stupid
That's really fucking stupid, stupid
You're an idiot
You're not like me
We're not two peas in a pod
We're not in the same boat
We're not in the same pond, same lake, same ocean
There's nothing alike
Except we're both fat
But I'm thinner